Is the content of your website outdated? Does your analytics show visitors don't go past the first page? Does your website appear unprofessional?  Is the usability cumbersome? Can your site be found quickly on Google, Yahoo and Bing? Whatever the reason is for redesigning your website, InSight Design Studios CAN help!


Every website should have a call to action, a response you want users to complete. If your analytics show visitors don't go beyond the home page of your website then you're not using a successful call to action campaign. Why is a call to action important? A successful call to action will help generate a click through rate and help your page rank on the search engines.

But how do you encourage users to act? How do you create an effective call to action? Well, every company is different and every marketing strategy unique, Insight Design will meet with your marketing representitive to help identify and develop an effective call to action campaign.


One of the strongest aspects about online marketing is the ability it gives you to respond to market changes, develop new business opportunities and respond to your customers input.

Having relevant content is one of the most important things about having a web presence. Relevant content means providing content that is interesting and useful to your site visitors.

Content needs to be written specifically for the web. Why? Because people don’t read a website like they read printed material. Most people scan over web pages to determine if the page is going to be of any use. Once they decide its usefulness then they start to read the page and even then many people just skim.

This is why web copy has to be unique, direct and to the point. The main concepts need to stand out and not get hidden halfway down the page.


If your site is more than a couple of years old, it is a reflection of where you’ve been rather than where you’re heading. Redesigning your site gives you the opportunity to express your current message and promote new products or services. It gives you the chance to set new goals for success and plan for the future.


Surfers usually make up their mind about the products or services you may offer within a few seconds of visiting your website. The last thing you want a visitor to do is hit the back button. Your website needs to out-do your competition or you’ll lose valuable clients. Spend a bit of time analyzing your competitor’s websites. Then decide how your site compares.  If your competitors site is 'better' then it’s definitely time for a redesign.


A websites look and feel can help you attract more visitors in a number of ways. Building search engine optimization into a new site is much more effective than trying to increase your page rank once a site has been built. 

It’s amazing to think of how many websites still get built today without any online marketing goals set up for growth. With solid goals, an understanding of your visitors and an effective call-to-action campaign you can make informed decisions about your websites marketability.


Lastly, a website redesign can be a great marketing and PR tool for your business. Having your website redesigned gives you the perfect opportunity to contact your existing customers, potential customers and the press. It gives you an excuse to let them know what you're doing, what's new and that you’re keeping things up-to-date.

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